Levels & XP

All About XP

There are multiple ways to gain XP:

  • 1 XP per item Cooked
  • 1 XP per Harvest
  • 1 XP per Farming Collect
  • 5 XP per hour that you have your System attached and UNPAUSED. (1 XP per hour when paused)
  • 1 XP by using certain purchasable items (Trash Bin, Vacuum, Washer/Drier, more to come…)

*If your overhead and chat tell you that you have more XP than what is showing on your HUD, don’t worry. The overhead is the only thing that connects to the server, the HUD just relays information. You can refresh this by making sure you are unpaused and hitting Menu > Stats.

All About Levels

Everyone starts at Level 1.

The XP required to move to the next level is as follows: 50 x Your Level.

ex. To go from Level 3 to Level 4: 50 x 3 (Your Level) = 150 XP required to level up.

With each new Level, you will have access to a new Cooking Tablet, new Plants, and (sometimes) new Farming Items.

It Says I Received 5 MyStory Dollars. What Are These?

Every time you Level Up you will receive 5 MyStory Dollars. These can be exchanged at the ATM machines in the MyStory Store. For 5 MyStory Dollars, you will receive a L$150 Gift Card.

Free L$150 every time you level up!

Still have questions? Please contact a MyStory CSR for assistance!