How to Farm

Farming is very similar to Planting.

Simply rez out your relevant Farming items and stand within 5 meters of them. Click the item to bring up the menu and choose what item you would like to make.

Once selected, a new menu will pop up telling you the required items to produce and ask you to confirm.

If you select Yes, it will check your virtual inventory. If you have the required items, your item will start being produced.

If you don’t have the required items, it will tell you what you need.

Once producing, a timer will appear above the Farming Item with a countdown showing how long until you can collect the items.

*In older versions of the Items, a progress bar shows above the Items. The Item will say ‘Ready to Collect/Harvest’ when it is finished. If it says 100%, it is within the last 10% of its growing cycle.*

Once the timer is finished, congrats! Your Item is ready to be collected. Simply click the Item to start collecting. The Item will tell you it is connecting to the server and then send you your Product.

*If you are in Do Not Disturb/Unavailable mode or have any feature enabled which automatically rejects Inventory Offers, the item will not be received. Please check your Trash folder. There will be no replacement of items not received for this reason. If you simply accidentally clicked ‘Discard’ on the inventory offer, check your Trash folder it should be there.*

DO NOT MASS CLICK ALL YOUR ITEMS WHEN COLLECTING. Multiple hits to the server can cause an overload and requests to be dropped. Constant request for replaced items due to mass clicking will result in us advising you to not do this, and continued mass simultaneous use will result in us no longer replacing lost items.

For more information on what to do with your Produce, please see the section of the Guide called “Collecting & Harvesting”.