How to Cook

To start cooking, rez out your Cooking Tablet (Regular or Discreet) from your starter items.

Using the tablet is very simple: simply click the base of the tablet and a menu will pop up. Select a category and then select what recipe you would like to cook from the menu.

Once selected, the Tablet will tell you what ingredients you need to cook this item and ask that you confirm you would like to cook it.

If you select Yes, the Tablet will check your virtual inventory.

If you have the required ingredients, it will confirm and start the process. A timer will show above the Tablet. You do not need to stand near the Tablet or interact with anything.

If you don’t have the required ingredients, it will tell you you don’t have enough and what you need.

Once the timer has finished, the Tablet will tell you it is connecting to the server and then send you the item you have cooked.

*If you are in Do Not Disturb/Unavailable mode or have any feature enabled which automatically rejects Inventory Offers, the item will not be received. Please check your Trash folder. There will be no replacement of items not received for this reason. If you simply accidentally clicked ‘Discard’ on the inventory offer, check your Trash folder it should be there.*

You may rez out as many Tablets as you wish and use them simultaneously, however multiple hits to the server can cause an overload and requests to be dropped. Constant request for replaced items due to mass cooking will result in us advising you to not do this, and continued mass simultaneous use will result in us no longer replacing lost items.

Higher Levels

At higher levels, the tablet will automatically level with you (Tablets v1.5 or higher). *Family Meal Tablet is an exception.

Cooked Foods

All cooked foods have 20 Uses and will give 2.5% per use of the relevant stat (Foods will give Hunger, Drinks will give thirst) as well as 1% Energy along with the occasional bonus stat gain.

All cooked food items are No Copy/No Mod/Transfer and you may do with them what you wish. Sell them (In World or Marketplace), use them, give them away, save them for later (they do not expire).