Collecting & Harvesting

I received my item from the Harvest/Collection… What now?

All items Harvested/Collected are used to add to your virtual inventory. To use it, simply rez or add (Adding it is highly recommended, it will show up as a HUD) and click it. The quantity will be added to your virtual inventory.

For Harvested Items: when rezzed/added, there will also be a pack of seeds attached to it which will give you 1 seed per Harvest. You will need to click these separately.

*If you rez the Items out to add to your inventory, clicking a second time will delete the item for you. Please make sure to collect the seed first on harvests.*

Items received are No Copy/No Mod/Transfer and can be used however you’d like. You can sell them, give them away, use them, or simply hold onto them (they will not expire).

Upgraded Collection

With each Harvest/Collection, there is a ~5% chance you will receive an upgrade. This item will be marked with an * at the end of it.

ex. AnimalFeed vs AnimalFeed*

For Upgraded Harvests: the Item will have 5 seeds with it instead of 1.

For Upgraded Produced Items: there will be a double quantity of the Item.

*Please note, this is a ~5% chance and is therefore a random chance occurrence. Please do not contact us about not receiving an Upgraded Item, you will be directed back to this statement.*