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Getting Started

Getting started in MyStory is pretty easy! All you need is the MyStory RP System which you can grab from the Marketplace or from the MyStory sim.

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To begin, rez out your item named “MyStory RP System v1.3 (Boxed)”. *Note, this is the version as of this page’s creation. Version number may be different. Inside the box there should be a few items:

  • MyStory RP System
  • MyStory HUD
  • MyStory Starter Items (Boxed)
  • MyStory RP System Setup – Info and Use
  • MyStory RP System Giver

Setup Your System

Follow the setup instructions included in the Notecard labelled “MyStory RP System Setup – Info and Use”. These steps are VERY important. Failure to follow these instructions will result in your inventory not registering properly. No replacement items will be given due to failure to setup the system properly.

MyStory RP System Startup – Info and Use

Thank you for using the MyStory RP System!
To get started:
Step 1: Add the MyStory RP System and select your gender.
Step 2: Detach and reattach your MyStory RP System.
Step 3: Add the MyStory HUD.
Step 4: Click the button labelled ‘Inventory’ on your HUD. (it won’t do anything, just need to click it)
Step 5: Detach your HUD.
Step 6: Detach your RP System.
Step 7: Reattach your HUD.
Step 8: Reattach your RP System (confirms registration on server).

MyStory RP System focuses on your main stats of: Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Hygiene, Continence, Social and Happiness.
The secondary stats are: Health and Sickness.

By keeping your Continence and Hygiene above at least 20%, your Sick will not lower. If stats reache 0%, you will start to lose Health.
To increase Sick, raise your Continence and Hygiene above 80% for your Sick to start going back up. (100% Sick means you are feeling fine.)
To increase your Health, raise all of your other stats above 80% for your Health to start increasing again.
If your Health reaches 0%, you will die. You will have to use a Health increasing item to regain health to come back to life or go to a facility that that provides medical assistance.

Cooking and Farming are the main focuses of the System. All the tools you will need to start can be found in the Starter pack. More tools are available for purchase and once you gain levels.

Starter Items

Included in your Starter Items:

– Reusable Toast (Gives 1% Hunger every 30 seconds while being used)
– Reusable Water (Gives 1% Thirst every 30 seconds while being used)
– Reusable Toothbrush (Gives 1% Hygiene every 30 seconds while being used)
– Reusable Cellphone (Gives 1% Social every 30 seconds while being used)
– Reusable Tablet (Gives 1% Happiness every 30 seconds while being used)

– Furniture Scripts (Boxed)
– Reusable ‘Use’ Scripts (Boxed)
*For more info on these scripts, please check out the ‘Scripts’ section of the Guide.*

– Cooking Station (Level 1)
– Cooking Station (Level 1 Discreet)
Animation Box for Cooking Station (Optional: place where preferred and set to invisible for cooking animations)
*For more information on how to cook, please see the ‘cooking’ section of the Guide.*

Everything you need to survive with MyStory!

Extra Goodies

As of the writing of this guide, there are 2 free items backs available at the Mainstore:

  • Starter Pack
  • Goodie Box