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Included in your Starter Items are 7 ‘Use’ Scripts and a box of Starter Scripts (Furniture).

Rez out your Furniture Scripts box and copy them to your Inventory.

Furniture Scripts

Included in your Furniture Scripts are the following scripts:

  • *MyStory – Furniture – Continence – 5%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Continence – 10%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Energy – 5%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Energy – 10%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Happiness – 5%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Happiness – 10%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Hygiene – 5%
  • *MyStory – Furniture – Hygiene – 10%

These can be added to any modifiable furniture item you own. They will give the respective stat once every 60 seconds. *Multiple Scripts can be added to one object*

When the furniture is sat on, you will receive the message “This item is MyStory compatible.”

*Please note, you will receive this message every time you sit on the furniture, unless there is someone else still sitting on the same piece of furniture. You will receive the stats but not the message until the next time you sit on it after every other avatar has stopped sitting.*

Use Scripts

Included in your Starter Items pack are the following scripts:

  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Continence
  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Energy
  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Happiness
  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Hunger
  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Hygiene
  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Social
  • MyStory – Use Script – Reusable Thirst

These scripts can be placed into your own personal modifiable items as a replacement for the Starter Items. After placing the script inside, please take the object back into your inventory before rezzing to use. These can also be used on attached items.

Using Items

To use an item, click the object. A menu will pop up with the option of Start or Stop. Click Start to receive stats every 30 seconds. Hitting Stop will stop the item from being used and will halt the gain of stats.